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I have a google form which tries to store the data into a remote mySql database.

the code is as follows

function sendFormData(e)
  var email = "myemail@myDomain.com";
  var subject = "form submited v3k" ;
  var bodyStr = "DONE!\n\n";
  insertRow("insert into formData (name, email, comment) values ('me','you','them')");

  //GmailApp.sendEmail(email, subject, bodyStr);


function insertRow(sqlStr)
  var conn = Jdbc.getConnection('jdbc:mysql://remote.mysql.com:3306/database', 'user', 'pass');  
  var stmt = conn.createStatement();

  var res = stmt.execute(sqlStr);


The problem is that it works OK if I run from debug mode, but when I fill in the live form, I always get an email with the error message "You do not have permission to call openById"

No idea why... for a while, all it did was send an email (last line commented) but after a while, not even that is working.

Any thoughts?

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