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I am trying to do a simple 2 sided cube rotation. After the rotation I want to click one of the sides and make the height increase, however the transition takes place from the middle, not top down (like height transition does normally) so I tried changing the transform-origin.

The other issue is, if I change this to 90deg, on mouse move, it triggers mouseleave and fluctuates between the two states, click event doesn't work properly then either.

.cube.active {
   -webkit-transform: rotateX(89deg);
   transform: rotateX(89deg); /* Text bleed at 90º */


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maybe it is better to remove the limitation of transition to transform:

just do:

-webkit-transition: .33s;
    transition: .33s;


also you have two different transition times. one for the container of .33s and one for the height of the inner with 1s. so the outer is finished its height-transition and the inner is not finished and take place in the middle.

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Thanks but it seems to have the same effect? –  Neo Mar 31 '14 at 20:54
try this: jsfiddle.net/w7y4N/30 –  Manuel Richarz Mar 31 '14 at 20:59
Thanks, i dont understand why giving the parent transition property worked? –  Neo Mar 31 '14 at 21:03
i changed my answer above to explain it. –  Manuel Richarz Mar 31 '14 at 21:03

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