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I'm using Google Earth Plugin, and parseKml to load kml string data in. I'm using <TimeSpan> inside a placemark tag like this:

My kml runs in a loop, an sql database is feeding it, so their will be many <TimeSpan> with different dates, some having same dates.

I been messing around with TimeStamps as well, still slider still shows hours in the interval. I just want the Time Slider interval to be at 'one day increments' when you click ahead, but its incorporating hours, I need to remove the hours, other then this, everything is working

$map_data .= "<TimeSpan><begin>";
$map_data .= date('Y-m-d', strtotime($row['cDate']));
$map_data .= "T00:00:00</begin><end>";
$map_data .= date('Y-m-d', strtotime($row['cDate']));
$map_data .= "T23:59:59</end></TimeSpan>";

I also tried this, and still gives hours:

$map_data .= "<TimeSpan><begin>";
$map_data .= date('Y-m-d', strtotime($row['cDate']));
$map_data .= "</begin><end>";
$map_data .= date('Y-m-d',(strtotime ( '+1 day' , strtotime ( $row['cDate'] ) )) );
$map_data .= "</end></TimeSpan>";

I'm having the same issue as this post: Google Earth Plugin changing time slider with 1 day interval as a "tick" for pressing next button (like the Historical Images time slider)

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