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I have the following XMl:

<bookstore specialty="novel">
    <book style="autobiography">
        <title>Seven Years in Trenton</title>
        <award>Trenton Literary Review Honorable Mention</award>
    <book style="textbook">
        <title>History of Trenton</title>
        <price type="regular">55</price>
        <price type="sale">45</price>
    <magazine style="glossy" frequency="monthly">
        <title>Tracking Trenton</title>
        <subscription price="24" per="year"/>
    <Textbook style="Science" id="myfave">
        <title>Trenton Today, Trenton Tomorrow</title>
            <degree from="Trenton U">B.A.</degree>
            <degree from="Harvard">Ph.D.</degree>
        <price intl="canada" exchange="0.7">6.50</price>
            It was a dark and stormy night.But then all nights in Trenton seem dark and stormy to someone who has gone through what can only be defined as Trenton misery

Using XPath I need to find all the style attributes of element type Book and Magazine but NOT Textbook. I am running into this problem as I cant figure out how to separate between the 3 elements as they are all in same level. Any help?

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Use a wildcard * to select all child element of bookstore.

Use a filter [not(name()='Textbook')] to distinguish those elements you're interested in.


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A better approach might be:

/bookstore/*[name()='book' or name()='magazine']/@style
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I'd use self:: instead of name()...


I'd do the same if I was checking for magazine or book too...

/bookstore/*[self::magazine or self::book]/@style

You could also use a sequence with name() (XPath 2.0)...

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