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How do I install a hardware driver (inf file) using C++?

Platform : Win32

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You don't write C++ code, you write an inf file. The format is well documented, try typing more than one line of text in your question. –  Hans Passant Feb 17 '10 at 0:57
@nobugz: actually, there's more than that. –  MSalters Feb 17 '10 at 9:50

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The process is usually called pre-installation. (The normal install process is triggered by the arrival of an hardware device.)

The relevant functions can be found in <DIFxAPI.h> from the DDK. You probably want to call DriverPackageInstall(). The expected return value is ERROR_NO_SUCH_DEVINST [sic] as there won't be such a device yet.

There's some 64 bit funkyness: you can't install a 64 bits driver from a Win32 app (at least not in XP/Vista/Windows7/2003/2008). Hence, your Win32 installer must check if DriverPackageInstall() returns ERROR_IN_WOW64 and then call CreateProcess to start your 64 bits installer.

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I would look at using the InstallHinfSection function, in the setupapi.dll. Here's the related docs:


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