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What is a c sharp option to split this string:

"['A','B', ''],['A','D', 'F'],['A','G', 'G']"

into list of strings:

"['A','B', '']"
"['A','D', 'F']"
"['A','G', 'G']"
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Is "['],']" a valid input? – Cameron Mar 31 '14 at 22:08
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You're better off writing a simple parser than trying to match balanced text with a regular expression:

var str = "['A','B', ''],['A','D', 'F'],['A','G', 'G']";
var topLevelLists = new List<string>();
var arrStart = -1;
var nesting = 0;
for (int i = 0; i != str.Length; ++i) {
    if (str[i] == '[') {
        if (nesting == 0) {
            arrStart = i;
    else if (str[i] == ']') {
        if (nesting <= 0) {
            // Error, ']' without matching '[' at i
        if (nesting == 0) {
            topLevelLists.Add(str.Substring(arrStart, i - arrStart + 1));
if (nesting > 0) {
    // Error, unmatched '[' at arrStart

// topLevelLists => [ "['A','B', '']", "['A','D', 'F']", "['A','G', 'G']" ];
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You can use this regex: (?<=\]), to split by comma which ispreceded by ].

The code is:

String input = "['A','B', ''],['A','D', 'F'],['A','G', 'G']";
String pattern = @"(?<=\]),";

var split = Regex.Split(input, pattern);
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If your separator is ], (comma comes after the the bracket ]) you can use a tricky way:

var parts = string.Join("]" + char.MaxValue, input
           .Split(new[] {"],"}, StringSplitOptions.None))

This approach simply replace all commas that comes after square brackets with a temporary char (char.MaxValue in this case) and then Split the string by that charachter.

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The "pure Regex" answer is like this:

        string str = "['A','B', ''],['A','D', 'F'],['A','G', 'G']";
        string[] strs =
            Regex.Matches(str, @"(\[.*?\])")
                 .Select(m => m.Groups[0].Value)

which is more tolerant of different - or even mixed - separators between the bracketed groups, such as comma-space or space rather than just a comma. If your input string is well-defined then this won't be an issue, but I prefer to be able to handle inputs which might come from different sources and might not quite conform.

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If I understand, you want to split String with another String. Split String by String is done as described here

For your question - split it by ],

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