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I'm using requirejs for a not super complicated project- problem is that I have some utility methods that log information to console and it's brought to my attention a question I've had for a while but never asked:

Say you have karma running unit tests on roughly a few billion files and one of them is logging to the console...

Without using a stack trace, how can you determine the name / location of that ONE file?


What would be the easiest way to filter / refine / define karma's output (other than adjusting logLevel)?

I've looked into different reporters, and will be trying to write one for karma here soon, I'm just trying to make sure I know what's available (if applicable).


module.exports = function (config) {
    config.set ({
        basePath      : '../',
        frameworks    : ['mocha', 'requirejs', 'chai'],
        files         : [
            {pattern: 'tests/_*.js', included: false},
        reporters     : ['dots', 'growl'],
        port          : 9876,
        logLevel      : config.LOG_DEBUG,
        //autoWatch     : true,
        autoWatch     : false,
        plugins       : [
        singleRun     : false
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I see that you are using mocha: I would suggest to have more a "test-title" approach rather than a "filename" one.

What about a solution like the following - it could be implemented in karma as well with a custom reporter:

    // use here a global variable or
    // appending it as property on the runner
      console.log(this.currentTest.fullTitle() + ': '+your_message_here);

The snippet above can be insert inside a describe suite block, or better in case of nested suites, in every block that contains a test (it).

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