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Is there any good library for reading / writing DBF files in java or any other language ?

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You might give this library a try:


It is open source (GPL) and pure Java.

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nice one! I'm using it to add to csvjdbc the possibility to regard xBase files as possible input. if you try it out, let me know if it works for you as it does for me. –  mariotomo Apr 21 '11 at 14:13

Its easy to get to via OleDB provider, such as via .Net, Visual Foxpro would obviously be able to read it natively.

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A quick google for dbase and jdbc brought back a number of links for an xbase jdbc driver called StelsDBF. Can't say I've used it or know more than a quick google, but that would be my Java answer.

An alternative Java solution would be to set up an ODBC data source for dbase and then use the JdbcOdbc bridge

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"any other language"? like in Python, maybe?

in Python I'm using this one: dbfpy. (not to be confused with pydbf.)
very usable indeed.

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I've used the JDBC driver from HXTT. It is type-4 (pure java) and worked well. My experience with the JdbcOdbc bridge for the same task was quite poor but that may have changed in newer releases. HXTT's driver is a commercial product.

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