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I have an image that I made in photoshop on my computer and I was wondering if there is a way to add the image to my website with CSS or HTML without having to image on a website. Thanks.

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Just viewable from your computer or to everyone who sees the site? –  Anthony Apr 1 at 2:51
you will need to add the image to a publicly accessible space –  haxxxton Apr 1 at 2:51
What like a photo bucket type thing? –  user3072482 Apr 1 at 2:58
No, like an internet thing. –  Anthony Apr 1 at 3:04

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The image needs to be in the same folder that your html page is in, then create a href to that folder with the picture name at the end. Example:

<img src="C:\users\home\pictures\picture.png"/>
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If the HTML and image are in the same folder, then his site wouldn't be remote and he wouldn't need to use the full path. –  Anthony Apr 1 at 3:03

No, Not if your website is on a remote server, i.e not on localhost.

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If you just want to see the image on your local browser, this can be done if you have a server running locally. You just need to reference the local server via http (not file://), like:


if picture.jpg is in your local server's webroot folder. You can do this for any site if you open your browser's developer tools and change the img element's src attribute to the local server's URL for the image. If you have access to the HTML of your site, then change it there. But obviously if someone not on your local computer/server accesses the site, they will get a broken image unless they happen to be running a local server as well and have an image with the same filename, which would be weird.

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Upload the image on your server or in images hosting site where you get image link and then add the line on your website page where you get that image the line is

<img src="paste here your image full path"/>
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