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Say I have a table with integer columns no_of_units and average_revenue_per_unit. To get the total revenue for any one row, I just need to calculate no_of_units * average_revenue_per_unit - simple enough. But what if I want to calculate the total revenue for the entire table?

The obvious way would be:

total_no_of_units = TableName.sum(:units)
overall_average_revenue = TableName.average(:revenue_per_unit)
total_revenue = total_no_of_units * overall_average_revenue

But it feels icky having to use two separate SQL queries. Is there a way I can do this with just one chained ActiveRecord query? Or could I (and should I) do it using raw SQL?

EDIT: I've just realised my above sample code is wrong! overall_average_revenue is the average of all the integers in the revenue_per_unit column... but this isn't the same thing as the actual average revenue per unit, because different rows have different numbers of units. I need a weighted average. Back to the drawing board...

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This will work, although it is a bit of raw SQL.

TableName.pluck('sum(units) * avg(revenue_per_unit)').first
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This is the correct answer to my original question... but I've just realised that my question is flawed and this doesn't give the actual average revenue! (See my edit to the question). Have an upvote anyway... –  GeorgeMillo Apr 1 '14 at 9:31

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