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I am trying to build GCC / binutils for a MIPS target platform on a Mac OS X host running (10.9) x86_64. I have downloaded the latest version of binutils and GCC to my knowledge, and I have also installed GCC 4.8.2 via homebrew.

However, so far I have been unsuccessful in building GCC / binutils for MIPS arch on a OS X host.

I tried setting the CC environment variable to point to the gcc version installed via homebrew, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem.

Has anyone created a step by step guide for this procedure?

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You might find crosstool-ng to be a useful resource. It's not clear if you want a hosted cross-compiler (with kernel, libc system headers, etc) or a free-standing 'bare metal' gcc. –  Brett Hale Apr 1 at 10:53

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So I was able to get GCC built on OS X for a target architecture of MIPS. I wrote a step by step guide of the procedure here => http://www.theairportwiki.com/index.php/Building_a_cross_compile_of_GCC_for_MIPS_on_OS_X

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