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When I run jconsole it shows me a list of Java processes:

enter image description here

I could then connect to one of these and see its MBeans. How does it discover the JMX processes? How can I do this in a program?

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This article shows how to do it using Attach API from JDK tools.jar

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After you register the MBean in your application, like this:

MBeanServer mbs = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer();
//register the MBean
ObjectMbean mBean = new ObjectMbean();
ObjectName name = new ObjectName("com.gd.eventfiltering.jmx:type=SystemConfig");
mbs.registerMBean(mBean, name);

Then you can call your MBean like this:

JMXServiceURL url = new JMXServiceURL(JMX_PATH);
JMXConnector jmxc = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(url, null);
MBeanServerConnection mbsc = jmxc.getMBeanServerConnection();
ObjectName mbeanName = new ObjectName(JMX_OBJECT);

IObjectMbean  mbeanProxy = JMX.newMBeanProxy(mbsc, mbeanName,IObjectMbean.class, false);

//call the method
List<EventType> filters = mbeanProxy.methodFromYourMBean();

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-1 because this is not answering the question "How does it discover the JMX processes" –  Lolo Apr 2 at 11:50

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