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I want to make an if else in filterArgs (in Model) as follow:

public $filterArgs = array(
            array('name' => 'to', 'type' => 'value' => 'Product.regular_price' ),

I want the field to change base on the condition.

if sale = 1, field is promo_price, else field is regular_price

I already try below code (but unsuccessful):

'field'=> 'Product.sale' => 1 ? 'Product.promo_price >=' : 'Product.regular_price >='

Can someone please help me. Thanks alot in advance!

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I would create a virtualField in my Product Model

$virtualFields = array 
    'my_price' => 'IF(Product.sale = 1, Product.promo_price, Product.regular_price)';

public $filterArgs = array
    'my_price' => array('type' => 'value'),
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Hi, can you explain 'from' => 'IF(Product.sale = 1, Product.promo_price, Product.regular_price)', so far, no error. but the result somehow wrong. –  dancingAngel Apr 1 '14 at 7:29
Instead of creating the IF in php I created it in mysql using virtualFields. I created a new column named my_price wich value is promo_price rather than regular_price based on sale column vale. Then I filter results by my_price value –  arilia Apr 1 '14 at 7:40

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