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In my below script, the str_replace(rtrim(c_manager),'''','_') doesn't seem to work. I want to replace single quotes with underscores for my arguments. For example:

Input: `S'achin`  
Result: `S_achin`

 $sql = 'select rtrim(f_admin_disabled),'."\n".
       '       convert(varchar,t_password,101),'."\n".
       '       rtrim(c_email),'."\n".
       '       str_replace(rtrim(c_manager),'''','_'),'."\n".
       '       rtrim(c_mgr_email)'."\n".
       '  from tuserprofile'."\n".
       ' where ic_user1 = '."'$user_id'"."\n";
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If you want to have single quotes in a single quoted string to produce str_replace(rtrim(c_manager),'''','_'), you need to either escape them:

'       str_replace(rtrim(c_manager),\'\'\'\',\'_\'),'

or use a different delimiter:

q!       str_replace(rtrim(c_manager),'''','_'),!
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to replace a character in string



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There're no needs to escape the quote and to have the i modifier. –  Toto Apr 1 '14 at 9:34
@M42: Thanks for the point. –  Balakumar Apr 2 '14 at 5:56
how will use on the above select statement –  user977802 Apr 2 '14 at 6:37

Use this subroutine.

sub str_replace {
  my ($s) = @_;

  $s =~ s/'/_/g;

  return $s;
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