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I have implemented a Mysql Fulltext Natural Language search on a table. It is working well, but I now need to improve the search to be able to recognize word aliases. I.E digits as words, compound words and other misc equivalent words. How do I do this?

Here are some examples of search terms which need to be considered aliases of each other:

Digits & their word equivalents

1 => one

2 => two

1000 => one thousand

Compound words

racecar => race car

sunbeam => sun beam


& => and

vs => versus

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Why don't do replacements in application? In SQL that would be painful –  Alma Do Apr 1 '14 at 6:31
I as thinking about that, but implementing all the possible replacements myself will be a mission, especially when it comes to multi-language. I am hoping for an external solution that will handle all of this. –  Nada_Surf Apr 1 '14 at 7:04

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