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I am trying to do multiple binding in wpf. here is my code:


  <MultiBinding Converter="{View:MultiConvertorOr}">
   <Binding ElementName="txtbox1" Path="Text" Converter="{View:TextToBool}" Mode="TwoWay">
   <Binding RelativeSource="{RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type ListBoxItem}}" Path="IsSelected" Mode="TwoWay">


My goal is when I enter text I want the checkbox to be checked (what happens) and the listBoxItem to be selected. (this part is not working). I also want to keep the binding between the itemListBox and the checkBox (this also works).

Any Ideas how can I do what I want? maybe with event triggers or something like it?

Thanks ahead.

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Is any Binding errors? –  Sankarann Apr 1 at 7:33
You might also post the converter code. –  Clemens Apr 1 at 7:35
there is no binding errors, the binding works. Accept when i want that after entering text both checkbox and listboxItem will be selected. –  user1761434 Apr 1 at 7:41
Where is the listbox item in your visual tree with respect to the checkbox ? You may need to refer to it by name in your binding. See the debug output from VS for binding errors. –  auburg Apr 1 at 8:06

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