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I've recently started using SFML and noticed that there aren't any kinds of "FreeResource" methods provided. For example, sf::Font has a function called LoadFromFile, but no functions to release the resource.

I thought this was very odd. Am I missing something? Is my only option to create an sf::Font pointer and dynamically allocate and delete it?

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I don't know SFML. But consider a std::vector; do you ever need to manually free those resources? Nope, it's done in the destructor. I suspect the same for you. Note, having it on the stack is no different, behavior-wise, than new and then delete. (Except now your code is less safe.) This is called RAII. – GManNickG Feb 17 '10 at 2:53
Sometimes we need the same type of resource in the same context, but a different instance of it. If I have an sf::Texture that needs to be bigger, I can't simply resize it: I have to delete it then create(...) a new one. – Litty Aug 30 '15 at 19:09
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sf::Font stores its font data in a std::map called myGlyphs (see the source). When Font's destructor is called, everything in that map will be freed automatically (by the std::map destructor).

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