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I'm trying to integrate parsley.js to my dynamic from. When I click the submit button which triggers an event in the javascript I call

var validateForm = $('#myForm').parsley().validate();

But it wont work since in the console theres an error

Uncaught TypeError: Object 73 has no method 'replace'

Object 73 seems to be the radiobutton field (I guess - correct me if it isnt that). Generated it looks like this:

<span class="formw">
   Test1<input class="formField data-parsley-required" prop="text" type="radio" name="73" value="Test1" data-parsley-multiple="73" data-parsley-id="0256">
   Test2<input class="formField " prop="text" type="radio" name="73" value="Test2" data-parsley-multiple="73">
   Test3<input class="formField " prop="text" type="radio" name="73" value="Test3" data-parsley-multiple="73">

I really dont know how I can get parsley to work in my form and fix this replace error...

any help would be appreciated!

thanks in advance

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I suppose Parsley don't support data-parsley-multiple or name that are pure numbers. It tries to make a str.replace() and this is not a string.

Try to use a string instead, like data-parsley-multiple="radio73"


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thanks for your answer beside all the negative votes! Now I realized that the problem is the number in the name. Sadly I can't change that, because in the backend I need these values in the name, otherwise I would need to change the whole logic. But really appreciate your answer! Looks like I have to look for something else beside parsely :) – nthommen Apr 1 '14 at 14:30
Maybe you need to keep 73 for the id or the name. Fine. But nothing in the backend force you to keep that value for data-parsley-multiple. You can set your own data-parsley-multiple value to your inputs and then call parsley – guillaumepotier Apr 1 '14 at 21:18
With "in the backend" I meant to say my logic for my application which is in the backend and not the parsley backend, I'm sorry if I didnt express it clear enough. thanks anyway :) – nthommen Apr 2 '14 at 6:43

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