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I am aware of the upgrade options for SharePoint 2010


The above talks more of a Production Deployment.

And i have seen so many Windows 7 VHD boot for SharePoint 2010.

Would like to hear options for the MS VPC with Windows 2008 Server+MOSS2007 towards upgrading to SharePoint 2010.

The above is for personal lab and exercises.

Please share your views (URLs, Forum Discussion) pros, cons.

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MS VPC doesn't support 64 bit client, so it's not an option for running SharePoint 2010

The main options available are:

  1. On your physical machine
  2. VHD boot
  3. Hyper-V
  4. VMWare

1 and 2 only support one server installations
3 doesn't work well on laptops
So my preferred choice is 4

But it very much depends on your machine and needs

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