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Just curious, can flash take each frame and export it out as a image ? In my case, I want to create sprite images for a flashdevelop project using blitting. Of course I know there is a solution for this. like copy and paste each shape into a image editor such as photoshop and turn them into png's. But I am just seeing if there is a simpler means of doing so.

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Are you looking for this stackoverflow.com/questions/2186614/…? –  Wallacoloo Feb 17 '10 at 7:46

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Check out BitmapData.draw(). You can listen to frame events and programmatically spit out bitmaps from within Flash (draw the stage onto a bitmap, lather, rinse, repeat). Combine this with a PNG encoder and you can automate the entire process very easily.

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there is an export function with flash too, so if you animate or draw your objects to stage you can export it as in image sequence (file->export->export movie-> jpeg, GIF, png etc).

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