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Topic says it all guys, my program needs to be able to keep track of the "software" that belongs to a user, as such I have a MVC for "Software". However, I can't use RESTful routes at the moment since my plural and singular names are the same, it's "software" for both. Can anybody help me either, create new named routes or suggest a new name for my MVC that still implies "software" but has different singular/plural?

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Why don't you call it SoftwareItem so you can have SoftwareItems...?

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If you really need to have your model named Software, you should do what is needed for uncountable-noun-named models:

map.resources :software, :singular => "software_item"

That way you'll have helpers like


etc. Otherwise it's hard for Rails to tell whether you're using "software" as singular or plural :)

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but just renaming your model will save you a lot of headache if it's not that big a deal to you... Then you can just sit back and let Rails automagic things for you. –  Ganesh Shankar Feb 17 '10 at 7:44
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