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I have to build SCTP packets in scapy, however it seems that SCTP does not exist in scapy folders. So I searched on the net and I found the sctp.py script:


I tried to copy this file in all folders that contains "/scapy/layers" but unfortunately SCTP is still undefined in scapy. ie: when I write sctp=SCTP(dport=2500,sport=2600) I got this error message :

NameError: name 'SCTP' is not defined

How can I solve this problem; Is there any command that I missed to run ? Thanks in advance.

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Not sure why you get an error ... I try this

>>> s.show()
###[ SCTP ]###
sport= 2600
dport= 2500
tag= None
chksum= None

Which looks good to me.


This requires Gnu-Plot and some other package but this also works.

SCTP works !!

Hope this helps.

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