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I am trying to implement a calculator that works just like the normal calculators, I managed to block out many inputs from keyboard to prevent unnecessary characters, Then i managed to analyze the textfield content and put the content in an arraylist. The array list contains operators including brackets and put in the array list as well. Now I want to be able to take the brackets and perform multiplication for them or perform the operator that comes before it. My code for the bracket analyzer is as below

private void BracketSolver(int opnBracketPosition, ArrayList Analyzed)
{Boolean _closed=true;
    for (int i=opnBracketPosition;i<Analyzed.size();i++)//check all array element
        if (Analyzed.get(i).equals("("))//if its an open bracket
             _closed = false;//a bracket opened
             if(Analyzed.get(i+1).equals("-")){//if a minus after the bracket, then turn the number after the minus to a negative and delete the minus
            for (int j=i+1;j<Analyzed.size();j++){//check all element after the open bracket

                    BracketSolver(j, Analyzed);i=0;
                }//if we meet another open bracket, then restart the function from there
                else if(Analyzed.get(j).equals(")"))//but if its a closing
                    _closed = true;//it has been closed
                    if(i!=0){//make sure is not zero to prevent error of i-1=-1
                            ||(Analyzed.get(i-1).equals("÷"))||(Analyzed.get(i-1).equals("√"))) {
                       //if an operator is before the bracket then just delete the brackets and calculate
                    Analyzed.remove(j);Analyzed.remove(i);//remove the brackets
                    Calculator_Basic(Analyzed, i, j-1);//solve for all after the open bracket n before the close     
                    //remove the close bracket but change the open bracket to multiply
                    Calculator_Basic(Analyzed, i+1, j-1);//solve for all after the open bracket n before the close
                }else{    Analyzed.remove(j);Analyzed.remove(i);//remove the brackets
                    Calculator_Basic(Analyzed, i, j-1);//solve for all after the open bracket n before the close
    }  if(!_closed)//if it has ended and still no close
                 {throw new IllegalArgumentException("Syntax Error: Bracket Not Closed");

the function calculator_Basic is another function that takes an arraylist and a start and end integer and calculates everything in between. It already works fine but if you need it to help me out i can paste it as well, though it is very plenty and rough. Now my problem is this code cannot perform on something like (5)(8). I do not know why. I know my code is plenty and might be uneasy to understand. The next set of code is what I used in storing the text field into an array list

private static ArrayList<String> AnalyzedContent;
private void Analyzer()//function that analyzes the user input char by char and takes the numbers
    AnalyzedContent = new ArrayList();//to store everything
   char[] operators = {'+','-','x','÷','^','√','(',')'};//array holding all operators
   String set = "";//string to hold the numbers
    for (int i=0;i<Display.getText().length();i++)//for all chars in display
    {//if its an operator
                if (!set.equals(""))AnalyzedContent.add(set);//check if set is not empty then store its content
                    set = "";//reset the set
                    for (int j = 0; j<operators.length;j++){//check which operator it is and store
                        if (Display.getText().charAt(i)==operators[j])
                            if((i==0)&&(j!=6))throw new ArithmeticException("Syntax Error::Cannot Begin with Operator");
                        //if it is start of the display and operator is not open bracket then throw error
                            AnalyzedContent.add(operators[j] + "");
                     //j=operators.length;//leave the loop when something is found
                else//else if its a number append to set which might already contain numbers not separated by an operator
                   set = set + Display.getText().charAt(i);//append the number to previous
        }if (!set.equals(""))AnalyzedContent.add(set);//check if set is not empty then store its content

thanks in advance anyone Again, My if statement for the operators using || is very rough, I am guessing there is a neater way to do it, if someone could help me there too.

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The usual approach for this kind of problem is to use a grammar (see stackoverflow.com/questions/5154628/…) , but of course, trying to solve this problem the way you're doing is a good step in order to understand the problem. By the way, what result do you expect from "(5)(8)"? –  Leo Apr 1 '14 at 9:56
@Leo I expect it to result in 5x8 that is to 40. I have tried problems like (5x8), (5x8(2)), and many others, they all work. My only problem is the format I mentioned(5)(8). Thanks for the suggestion although I do not know how to use grammers in java, i would check to see. –  Gafar Apr 1 '14 at 10:36
Grammar is the way to go in this case, but most grammars won't consider (5)(8) = 5 x 8, because there's no operation token (in this case, it's an implicit one) so you may need some hack to make it work this way. –  Leo Apr 1 '14 at 10:42

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