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I am reading about the Bittorrent protocol and couldn't find this mentioned on the Wiki page. I could understand the role of trackers and publishers but from a practical perspective, I tried contacting a tracker to give me some information and it gave me the following:


Now, the long string in the beginning is perhaps the info hash. As a next step, I did this:

It gave me back a torrent file. So far so good. The torrent file contained this:

d8:completei0e10:downloadedi0e10:incompletei2e8:intervali1931e12:min intervali965e5:peers12:U���ٿ��ӣǣ^@^@e

I went to this site: but couldn't find any description (or perhaps missed it). Now, if I am the client and I get this file, where do I get the list of IP addresses that have the file?

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Have a look here:

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