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I need to monitor disk, to know how much data is being written on my disk per day. I came across "Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_PhysicalDisk" Class.But the problem is that returns different values among them 0 values.My questions are

-why these values keep changing?

-i got 2 instances from this Class and i need to know the meaning of the attribute Name witch have two values the first one "0 C: D:" and the second value is "_Total", so witch instance should i use to get the performance of the hard drive?

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Most counters show the average over a period of time.
For good reason. Performance, since it would be impossible to keep a counter simply by accumulating the written bytes.
What you can do is to collect samples every second and make you the approximate calculation of the amount of written bytes.

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how can you explain that i can get vaulues from this other class Win32_PerfRawData_PerfDisk_PhysicalDisk all the time? can you tell me the difference between Win32_PerfRawData_PerfDisk_PhysicalDisk and Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk?? –  Ala Deli Apr 1 '14 at 13:33
Physical disks refers to physical harddisk itself. It is hardware that can be classified into unique logical disks or many logical disks, with each logical partition. –  lsalamon Apr 1 '14 at 14:18

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