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Any suggestions how I would approach a SQL statement to sort data in a table for a account status first by date and time for when the user made changes.

But then use a trigger that when gold_membership for example = ('true') is selected in another column then that takes precedence and is put at top of the sorted list:

(example of fields)

account_status --- date --- time --- gold_membership

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys

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Please provide sample data and the way you would like it sorted. Also, what database are you using? –  Gordon Linoff Apr 1 at 11:14
wich datatype you are using for column date and time? –  ingwy Apr 1 at 11:24
Using DB2 SQL as Database, the sample data would be: Account_Type Date Time Gold_Membership Open 01/01/2012 07:12:00 Recommendation 17/01/2012 05:02:24 Decision 23/01/2012 10:19:12 Membership 24/01/2012 10:48:00 Gold Membership 13/10/2013 05:45:36 Yes/No Would like the data sorted by time and date first, but if the Boolean of gold membership is selected then the account_type field is sorted and ordered by Gold Membership value at the top. Hope this help and i'm explaining it correctly. (my first venture into a DB2 problem) –  Steve1910 Apr 2 at 11:51

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