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I have followig task:

I am generating sequence of consecutive barcodes eg: 117-1, 117-2, 117-3, 117-4...

I have to print labels with those barcodes: first label with first code, second label with second code and so on.

Currently I am printig labels one-by-one. Is it possible in ZPL to combine multiple labels to one command for printer? Something like:

print first one
take next label
print second one
take next label

I am generating ZPL so there is no need to introduce variables in ZPL.

My current code for printing single label

    string zpl = string.Format(


    ", code.ToString());
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It takes multiple ZPL commands to print one label. Also, you are controlling the stream so why are multiple label formats a problem? If you just want to write once to the printer put multiple labels in the string you are sending to the printer. – banno Apr 1 '14 at 13:49
If you are trying to reduce the number of characters you are sending to the printer use stored formats. – banno Apr 1 '14 at 13:50

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