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i've created an array. Each element is a button object. Is there a possibility to hook mouseclick on every array at the same time? I mean something like this.

var Objects:Array = new Array
Objects[0] = new button(parameters)
Objects[1] = new button(parameters)
Objects[2] = new button(parameters)

Objects[n].addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Clicked(n));

function Clicked(n,...)
      THECODE PROCEEEEDS for Objects[n]

I know that's not the clearest and most correct writing, but I'm asking if this is possible in similiar way? And how to do it? I know I can hook every mouseclick and then check if the clicked under the mouse is one of the array elements with for loop, but I'm asking about this way.

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Yes. You are unable to directly pass an index into a listener, but you can retrieve that via calling indexOf() inside it.

for each (b in Objects) b.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clicked);
// note, you just put function name here!
public function clicked(e:MouseEent):void {
    var i:int=Object.indexOf(e.target);
    if (i==-1) {
        // panic behavior
    // now you can parse that index into something valuable
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