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I have functionality to upload image and in that image if image name have any single quotes or double quotes or white space then I got error to uploaded at amazon

So how to remove wild characters and spaces from image name?

Sorry one edit
I need to add %20 in place of white space

Please help me.

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I have tried .gsub(' ', '%20') for white spaces –  urjit on rails Apr 1 '14 at 11:21

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You can do:

string.gsub(/\s|"|'/, '')
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Do this:

string.tr(" '\"", "")
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you can use gsub multiple times :

string.gsub(/"|'/, '').gsub(/\s/, '%20')

or use gsub! to change the original string like -

string.gsub!(/"|'/, '').gsub!(/\s/, '%20')
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