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I'm trying to understand if it's possible to create a web service that can send and answer to WhatsApp messages. I searched on the web and I found the WhatsAPI,

I guess this solution work fine, but with the actual version of WhatsApp it's not possible to get the nickname, the sender, the imei and the password.

To get them I set up a Linux PC in which I installed mitmproxy to sniff the web traffic of a Samsung Galaxy S4. By using mitmproxy I can see the web traffic generated by the phone, so I tried to register to WhatsApp (with an another SIM), but in mitmproxy I can't see the data I need for WhatsAPI.

Does anyone knows if it's possible to get the password by using another way?

If it exist can you suggest me a way? Do you think it's possible to do that or it's better to use Telegram or Wechat (they have public API)?

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For PHP, there is the WhatsAPI library.

For Java, you can try WhatsApi4J (a port of the original PHP library) or WhatsUp

For Python, see YowsUp.

Beware that WhatsApp has had DMCA disputes with these library developers and does not officially support using the service this way.

Also note that bulk messaging is against the WhatsApp terms of service.

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YouwsUp awesome python library for whatsapp! Thanks!! –  Liarez Sep 29 at 10:08

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