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I try to implement localizable push notifications in an Adobe Air application(iOS). I use this ANE http://distriqt.com/product/air-native-extensions/push-notifications and it works, but I can not localize notifications properly.

Here is what I did:

I followed this tutorial: http://blogs.adobe.com/airodynamics/2012/05/29/push-notifications-support-in-ios/ so:

a) add node supportedLanguages tag to my application.xml:

<supportedLanguages>en ru</supportedLanguages>

b) create two folders en.lproj and ru.lproj an put it into project directory. Each folder contains file Localizable.strings. In ru.lproj file Localizable.strings contains:

"PokeMessageFormat" = "Нотификация на русском";

and in en.lproj file Localizable.strings contains:

"PokeMessageFormat" = "Notification in English";

c)add in Packager.bat info about new folders:

call adt -package -target %TYPE%%TARGET% %OPTIONS% %SIGNING_OPTIONS% "OUTPUT%" "%APP_XML%" en.lproj ru.lproj %FILE_OR_DIR%

Then I packaged my application into ipa file. If I unzip this ipa, I see en.lproj and ru.lproj folders, and I also see my Localization.strings files inside of this folders. So everything looks fine, but when server sends me this push notification:

{ "aps" : { "alert" : {"loc-key" : "PokeMessageFormat"}}}

and all I see on display is:


like it can not found localization for this key.

What do I miss? Is there any additional settins to use localization?

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