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I have a master page with a dropdownlist control on it. In the code behind of the said master page, I want to access the dropdownlist control and assign a data source to it. Below is the source code of the master page:

  <section id="login">
<asp:LoginView runat="server" ViewStateMode="Disabled">
` <AnonymousTemplate>
        <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Report Category"></asp:Label>
        <asp:DropDownList ID="CountriesDropDownList" runat="server"></asp:DropDownList>

Below is what I want to do in the code behind file.

CountriesDropDownList.DataSource = "myDataSource";
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So what is your issue? What problem you are facing? –  Murali Murugesan Apr 1 '14 at 11:53
Source code is missing –  Ivan Doroshenko Apr 1 '14 at 12:25
Are you not able to use CountriesDropDownList in the code behind? –  Nilesh Apr 1 '14 at 12:32
No please. When I type this, the countriesDropDownList does not show in the intellisense –  Kingsley Bainn Apr 1 '14 at 12:34
I am using visual studio 2013 –  Kingsley Bainn Apr 1 '14 at 12:45

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You want to access this dropdownlist on your content page, right?

You could try:

this.Master.CountriesDropDownList.DataSource = "myDataSource";

or check this out: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/xxwa0ff0.aspx

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Create a string property in master's code behind:

public string CountriesDropDownListDataSource
    get {
        return this.CountriesDropDownList.DataSource;
    set {
        this.CountriesDropDownList.DataSource= value;

To set the datasource do this:

var myMaster = this.Master as YourMasterType;
if(myMaster != null)
    myMaster.CountriesDropDownListDataSource = "myDataSource";

Or directly from the masterpage

this.CountriesDropDownListDataSource = "myDataSource";
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