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I'm trying to get page content, that javascript function getWines() returns. The page I'm trying to get info from is http://hedonism.co.uk/wines/. So I'm using HtmlUnit and wrote the following code:

        final WebClient webClient = new WebClient(
    final HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage(url);
    String javaScriptCode = "getWines(1)";
    ScriptResult result = page.executeJavaScript(javaScriptCode);
    Page page1 = result.getNewPage();
    StringBuffer p = WebGet.getBuffPageContent(page1.getUrl().toString(), true);

But it seems such approach isn't working. I receive the same page I had before function call with the same source code, so I'm not able to get info about, for example, wine name. Maybe I'm totally doing incorrect?

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Just a guess: you disable javascript setJavaScriptEnabled(false) but a few lines later you expect HtmlUnit to executeJavaScript. I haven't studied the HtmlUnit code but this sounds reasonable to me. –  Markus Apr 1 '14 at 14:11
@Markus I changed to true, but it still isn't working –  Martin Apr 1 '14 at 15:03
According the JavaDoc executeJavaScript() performs the same action like you enter javascript:getWines(1) in the address bar. In FF 28.x it results in an exception. Do you mind to allow "script errors" by enabling setThrowExceptionOnScriptError? –  Markus Apr 1 '14 at 15:10
@Markus, I allowed script errors, but I didn't get any script related exceptions. –  Martin Apr 1 '14 at 15:20

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