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The form works fine. User picks the file they want to post to our web application, enters the description and selects the users to send an email notification with.

However, when I use CKEditor on the description textarea and hit submit, the page refreshes and shows me the insert statement with the parameters all set for that specific post. The post itself still posts on the web app, but the email notification doesn't get sent out.

Could there be an issue with the database not accepting the input from CKEditor ? For instance here is some of the text from one of the posts that had the issue:

"TPS 1666 Material List (Final) r004 WO32 Det 83,84 qty chg'd, please order. Det 142 to 154 added, please order."

I thought at first it was the single quote that was causing the issue but I tried it without that and it still showed me the INSERT statement and didn't send an email notification out.

Is there something I'm missing here?

 $filename = $_GET['filename'];
$size = $_GET['filesize'];
$date = $_GET['filedate'];
echo $date;
$user = $loggedin_id;
$desc = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc3, $_GET['desc']);
$type = $_GET['type'];
$ver = $_GET['rev'];
//$type = getcadtype($type);
$job_id = getjobid($job_num, $dbc3);
$sql = "INSERT INTO cad_files(job_num, user, file_name, file_type, revision, date, size, description) VALUES($job_id, '$user', '$filename', '$type', '$ver', '$date', '$size', '$desc');";
echo $sql;
mysqli_query($dbc3, $sql) or die(mysqli_error($dbc3));
$id = mysqli_insert_id($dbc3);
$to_email = array();
$to_name = array();
    foreach($_GET['recipiants'] as $user){
        $userinfo = getuserinfo($user);
        $to_name[] = $userinfo['firstname'] . ' ' . $userinfo['lastname'];
        $to_email[] = $userinfo['email'];

$url = '';
$folder = sprintf(DESIGN_FMT, jobfolder($job_num));
$url = sprintf("http://files.example.com/%s%s", $folder, $filename);
$vars = array('toemail' => $to_email, 'toname' => $to_name, 'job_num' => $job_id, 'user' => $loggedin_username, 'filename' => $filename, 'desc' => $_GET['desc'], 'url' => $url);
echo email(5, $vars);
header("Location: ../add_design.php?job_num=$job_num&file_id=$id");
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