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I am using Bootstrap 3 and affix in a responsive website but when I scroll up the fixed column of text on the left looses its width and expands to the full width of the screen.

I think I am missing something?

Demo here:

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The affix component uses position:fixed so it removes the affixed element from the flow of the page. This is why the Bootstrap docs ( state..

"you must provide CSS for the positioning of your content"

Here's a working example that may help:

You'll see that it provides CSS for the .affix-top and .affix classes.

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Thanks - I have done as you suggest and it works but now I am getting a judery effect when it hits the bottom and when I reduce width of browser down to mobile size it disables the sticky effect which is good - but when I open the browser out again the effect remains disabled. any ideas? – user3067865 Apr 1 '14 at 23:10

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