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I am trying to learn a bit about Coded-UI web automation as I will need to use it shortly for an upcoming project.

One point of frustration I am having is where I try and open and re-use a browser window across a number of tests.

The below code works... kind-of. When calling the NavigateToUrl method in the first test the browser window will appear to successfully navigate and load the new page within a second or two, but the method itself doesn't return until a minute later, only then does the test continue on successfully.

Some other BrowserWindow methods such as the Uri 'getter' similarly appear to pause for a minute, while others, like the Title 'getter' return immediately if placed in that same point in the code.

The issue appears to be related to the fact that I am launching the window in the ClassInitialize method, as if I put the launch in the first TestMethod then the subsequent NavigateToUri call returns immediately. It would be handy to know what exactly is going on as I think it will be more flexible to put all the browser and playback setup in the classinitialise (and possibly later move to a separate Class).

Also, the duration of the pauses appear to be pretty precisely 1 minute so I guess that has some significance. I have tested in IE10 and IE11, but dont know how to debug further.

public class CodedUITest1

    private static BrowserWindow browser = null;

    public static void SetUp(TestContext context) {

        browser = BrowserWindow.Launch(new Uri("about:blank"));
        browser.CloseOnPlaybackCleanup = false;


    public void CodedUITestMethod1()
        Debug.WriteLine("Test 1 started");
        browser.NavigateToUrl(new Uri("http://www.twitter.com"));
        //do some test

        Debug.WriteLine("Test 1 ended");

    public void CodedUITestMethod2()
        Debug.WriteLine("Test 2 started");

        var page = new TwitterHomeMap();

        Debug.WriteLine("Test 2 ended");

    public static void TearDown()
        if (Playback.IsInitialized)

For what its worth I have also looked at this different strategy for re-using Browser Windows linked below but from what I can figure out from my own testing the way BrowserWindow is re-initialised for each test causes CloseOnPlaybackCleanup to become ineffective.


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This blog may help blogs.msdn.com/b/dave_froslie/archive/2012/08/10/… –  AdrianHHH Apr 1 at 13:13

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