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whats wrong with this trigger

i need to write a trigger for each update of vehicle_id,status1 columns in taxi_vehiclestatus table and exec a stord procedure called post_vacant_list with new values

create or replace trigger vacant_list
    after update of vehicle_id,status1
    on taxi_vehiclestatus
    for each row
    exec post_vacant_list(:new.vehicle_id, :new.status1);


 2/6     PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "POST_VACANT_LIST" when expecting one of the following:
      := . ( @ % ;
      The symbol ":=" was substituted for "POST_VACANT_LIST" to continue.
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exec is a SQL*Plus command that can be used to execute a single PL/SQL statement. It's not a PL/SQL language construct so it can't be used as such. –  user272735 Apr 1 '14 at 17:57

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You cannot use exec here. Just use the procedures name without exec:

post_vacant_list(:new.vehicle_id, :new.status1);
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