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I'm trying to work/investigate redis for .NET area, I have an impression, that defined task is not best covered with Sets and redis itself (as I do have entity that I need to modify) - so maybe it's better to use some other approaches/ or redis dataTypes here (one of the initial idea were to work with redis hashes (to manage properties), but then I decided to try with sets as I need to get collection of related Entities, and this operation seem to be the most important one in general). So, what I've done for now:

Right now I do have next configuration of the Entity:

    ID : Guid
    Name : string 500
    Status : string 1 (i, u, d)
    MaxItems : int 
    CurrentItems : int

What I'm trying to do - is to manage Entity items with 2 collections:

  1. Current - collection of Entity items (up to 5000) available to the clients (cache)
  2. Raw - collection of Entity items that has to be approved (up to 10% of unique ids of the Current collection)

Operations that I'm going to perform agains those collections are:

  1. Get All Entity items from Current collection : GetCurrent - the most critical task
  2. Modify Raw collection:

    2.1) add new Entity into Raw (appropriate counter/state in Current collection can be changed) : AddRaw

    2.2) update existing Entity in Raw (if such Id already available) : UpdateRaw

  3. Modify Current collection

    3.1) all changes from Raw collection is applied into Current (if not done yet) : SyncCurrent

    3.2) return Raw collection entities (incremental change)

    3.3) clear Raw collection entities (collection is reset)


  1. Define collections of Set type (to be able to get list of items related to collection) : SMEMBERS

  2. Create additional collections Current:Ids, Raw:Ids that is going to contain only Ids of items from collections - to define if item inside original collection :SISMEMBER

  3. Add new Item into Set(s) : SADD

  4. Modify Item inside Set(s) : Get (SMEMBERS: SSCAN using Id as mask element or Iterate through items (SMEMBERS), get Entity with ID), RemoveOldFromSet : SREM, AddUpdated : SADD

Problems, Issues (identified during unit tests): (all reported issues seem to be related with connection to the redis server itself, not functionality of StackExchange.redis client)

  1. New StackExchange client sometimes throw timeOut Exception on SMEMBERS (500 items into Current collection)

  2. StackExchange transaction throws timeOut exception when trying to insert items (750+ entries) into Sets of Current and Current:Ids, current connectionTimeOut and SyncTimeOutrs set to 5000 milliseconds (5 sec)

After running some tests (with several hundreds of items inside sets, I think that selected approach was initially wrong and this has to be redesigned - using Microsoft's Cache.) Does anyone else had similar doubts or can say from the own experience that similar tasks should not be implemented the way I just described?

Thank you in advance.

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I'd be happy to help with any SE.Redis client issues you are experiencing, but I'd need more context so that I can reproduce the issue. –  Marc Gravell Apr 1 at 20:41
Hello Marc. Thanks again for your note. I already have some simple servicestack and booksleeve implementations for my tasks, but then I realized that we need to take into account existence of sentinel; after review of your note about new stackExchange.redis client it seem to be logical to move here and I'm excited to see how it's going to work. At least all tests written for BookSleeve work after I switched to the implementation of the stackExchange.client (the upgrade process were pretty easy so far). And my reported issues seem to be just issues related to the connection to the redis server. –  alexx Apr 2 at 7:13
well, one piece that I haven't actually put into SE.Redis yet is sentinel support... so if you're using sentinel to resolve redis servers: that won't work today –  Marc Gravell Apr 2 at 7:16
As I can see for now - booksleeve client is going to be baselined and new funcitonality going to be developed with stackExchange.redis client. So I think - it's best for new development to start using it. Sentinel can wait for now (at least for me), I'm just trying to figure out best options when working with update of the sets and optimization of the server-interactions using "combined (aka pipelined) commands". With Regards, Alex. –  alexx Apr 2 at 7:23

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