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When I construct HTML in an HtmlHelper method, it looks really ugly because I have to either backslash or double my double quotes, like this:

var html = @"<input type=""text"" name =""firstName"">";

It's even worse if I want to use string.Format together with Angular-JS because then I have to output quadruple curly braces:

var html = string.Format(@"{0} Rate: {{{{model.Rate}}}}", rateType);

And of course there is no HTML syntax highlighting in this environment. Is there any way to write somewhat normal-looking HTML inside a helper?

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Are you talking about how it looks once rendered, or in the IDE? –  Anon Apr 1 at 13:59
Why are you creating your html like that? Why not actually use the helper method? @Html.TextBox("firstName") ? Or are you actually writing your own helper method to generate a text box? –  bsayegh Apr 1 at 14:04
In the IDE... it looks fine once rendered –  JoelFan Apr 1 at 14:56
I'm writing a helper to generate a whole section of HTML... the text box was only an example –  JoelFan Apr 1 at 14:57

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What about using ' instead of "

var html = @"<input type='text' name ='firstName'>";
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LOL. that is an awesome answer. –  Anon Apr 1 at 14:13

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