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This one is quit puzzling to me. Please help

I baked a cake using root via ssh and everything went well except for the fact that i could not edit the view CTP files in dreamweaver. kept getting "access denied. Permission problem".

Via ssh and the cpanel i was able to change the permission to 755, 777. Got an error when attempted to change permission via dreamweaver

After changing file permission, I still got the error "access denied. permission problem.."

I then change the USER who owns the file using chown via ssh

I was then able to edit the file without error. I viewed the edited file via cpanel and realized that the changes took place. Bravo!

However, when i viewed the page in the browser, no changes were apparent.

I cleared the cache several times. My tmp folder is chmod 777

What am i missing?

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Are you using Scaffolding perhaps? If so, disable it to see what happens. Double check if these file names are correct too: Controller, View files and View folder.

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Scaffolding was the issue – earnest Apr 3 '14 at 3:07
Had the same issue here. Wasted hours on it, thank you for stopping me wasting anymore! – DuncanLewis May 18 '14 at 22:14

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