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As I am writing a Webservice client to deal with the webservices for my application in android, I am bit confused about the approaches among KSOAP2 and Android default HTTPCLient, Which one would be more relevant to use in Android

Suggestions Welcome. Thank you.

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If it's a SOAP webservice you are trying to consume then I would definitely use a SOAP client library such as KSOAP2. If it's not a SOAP webservice, then I'd probably just use HTTPClient.

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KSOAP is ok however it has trouble de/serialising complex types. I burnt serious time with KSOAP and every time reverted back to building the soap packet and POSTing it.

KSOAP and KSOAP2 has patchy support.

From a performance POV, SAX parser is built into Android library and it is very fast.

THIS is possibly the best article about it all.

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