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I have such input:

<input type="text" name="enternum" id="enternum" size="100" onkeyup="searchordernet(this.value);">

Also have such javascript on my page:

var timer;
function searchordernet (qstringer) {
  var lengther = qstringer.length;
  if (lengther > 3) {
    timer = setTimeout(function() {
      qstringer = encodeURIComponent(qstringer);
        type: 'GET',
        url: 'script.php',
        data: 'generator='+qstringer
    }, 500);

When I enter comething like "зинь" into input - script works fine. When I enter e.g. "харе" it doesn't work, even no alert. When I change enter "харк" - everything works fine

Any ideas?

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What is qstringer.length? Expected one or not? –  A. Wolff Apr 1 at 15:04
var lengther = qstringer.length; if (lengther > 3) { ...code... } , input text has 4 letters –  George Apr 1 at 15:09
Ya, but when you enter "харе", is length equal 4 or not? That was my question. So is ajax request send? Have you got any error in console? What returns request when not working? Etc, etc... Could be some encoding issue server side or client side regarding character encoding –  A. Wolff Apr 1 at 15:10
when I add alert before or after ajax - it shows. when i enter "харе" (cyrillic letters) - once, when e.g. "зинь" - twice (two alerts in script) –  George Apr 1 at 15:17
But you have to debug it, not just using some random alert() that didn't help at all –  A. Wolff Apr 1 at 15:20

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