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I have tried to get an example but was noy successful so far. I have created various arrays and filled them in jquery. How to post all of them to the controller? On the controller side how to retrieve them and their values? I would appreciate if I can have an example or a link with much explanation since i`m completely new to using ajax post and mvc.

What if I have other arrays as well to post over to the controller?

function test() 

{ var stringArray = new Array(); stringArray[0] = "item1"; stringArray[1] = "item2"; stringArray[2] = "item3"; var postData = { values: stringArray };

}, "json"); 


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same as stackoverflow.com/questions/2278853/… –  Natrium Feb 17 '10 at 8:27

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Here's one way to pass a two dimensional string array (array of array of strings) to a controller action:

public ActionResult Arrays(string[][] arrays)
    // Do something with the arrays
    return Json(new { status = "success" });

and to post:

var arrays = [{'0':'value1', '1':'value2'}, 
              {'0':'value3', '1':'value4'},
              {'0':'value5', '1':'value6'}];
$.post('/home/arrays', { arrays: arrays }, function(result) {
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