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I'm using angular+cloud endpoints in a project, and I would like to keep it angular-y by using promises (which isn't compatible with cloud endpoints js library as written here). I managed to do that by calling the api with $http.


    //edited for clarity
}).error(function () {
    //edited for clarity

Which works well.

But when I try to use the User parameter in my api Methods (I want to have the user in my endpoint), I find myself needing to use OAuth authentication (as the usual web.xml security constraint doesn't work with cloud endpoints).

web.xml (security constraint)


Endpoint example (java)

public Person getMyself(User user) throws OAuthRequestException {
    // edited for clarity
    return person;

I would like to know if there is a way to authenticate api calls made with angular's $http or do I really have to use the google's endpoint js library (gapi)?

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