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I am having trouble using the Shared Preferences system in Delphi/Android (using XE5). I have heavily researched the topic, and the error replicates on all examples I have downloaded from tutorials, or recreated myself.

When I go to create the Preferences for android file my app AVs at address 40775BB0, accessing address DEADD00D -

I am unable to get debugging working on the emulator so cannot trace the exact moment it does this, however I did added in several ShowMessage('1') etc into the code to see where it happens and I am pretty convinced it happens when the preferences file is created. I have tried different statements to see if it would work (see commented out lines below) however none that I have found on tutorials, or on SO fix the issue. I have also looked through the Manifest and can't see any options to turn on. I have previous experience with Eclipse/Java android development and used the SharedPrefs system regularly, and cannot remember having to declare it in the manifest to use it.

Any Help on the matter would be awesome. Note: I am using Delphi Professional XE5 with Mobile add-on and Update 2 applied.

These are in my 'uses'

AndroidApi.JniBridge, AndroidApi.Jni.JavaTypes, AndroidApi.Jni.App,
AndroidApi.Jni.GraphicsContentViewText, AndroidApi.Log, FMX.Helpers.Android;

This is declared in Public

FPrefs : JSharedPreferences; 

This is my Check Box Change code for an example (with commented out statements which I tried but still cause the same error)

procedure TfrmMainForm.TestCheckChange(Sender: TObject);
  Editor : JSharedPreferences_Editor;
  if (FPrefs = nil) then
  //FPrefs := SharedActivityContext.getSharedPreferences(StringToJString('myPrefs'), TJActivity.JavaClass.MODE_PRIVATE);
  FPrefs := SharedActivity.getPreferences(TJActivity.JavaClass.MODE_PRIVATE);

  Editor := FPrefs.edit;
  Editor.putBoolean(StringToJstring('testCheck'), TestCheck.IsChecked);
  //Editor.commit; //instead of apply
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I have problems with running debug too. Try to use any Logcat viewer tool, maybe it will help you to diagnose problem with preferences.
Import an AndroidApi.Log and use

  Log.d('a message to write in logs');

if you, or somebody else, have a problem with locating an error.

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It's not supposed to be an answer. –  naXa Apr 2 at 22:50
Cheers. I did take a look on LogCat to see what was happening, but finding it hard to trace much of it. I did however get debugging working on an actual device (Samsung Tab 2), however the error doesn't reproduce, only on emulator. –  Captain Wizard Apr 4 at 9:59

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