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I am working in a profile ViewController. This profile has a main image in a UIView subclass and a CollectionView gallery with some images. I would like to be able to scroll up the UICollectionView and move the UIView too, and if I scroll down, I want to watch again the UIView when the collectionView first item is showed again.

I have tried to do this adding the collectionView and the UIView to a ScrollView, but the UIView only scroll up if I touch it.

In this picture you can see my problemProblem

Thank you in advance

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You need to make the view at the top a Header View of the collection view.

Essentially it needs to be an actual part of the collection view if you want this action. (That's the easiest way anyway).

So the collection view will take up the whole screen but it will have a header view. Then when you scroll the collection view the header will move out of view and then come back in when you scroll down again.

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Thank you, you were right. That is the easiest way.. –  croigsalvador Apr 1 at 17:15

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