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i have a problem with error "Network unreachable"

this is error message i got

04-01 23:39:06.455: E/ClientActivity(1932): Client Send Error:/
04-01 23:39:06.455: W/System.err(1932): java.lang.NullPointerException
04-01 23:39:06.463: W/System.err(1932):     at edu.dongthang.controller.AppDelegate$ClientThread.sendMessage(
04-01 23:39:06.463: W/System.err(1932):     at edu.dongthang.controller.AppDelegate.sendMessage(
04-01 23:39:06.463: W/System.err(1932):     at edu.dongthang.controller.Controller.sendToAppDel(

when i click on error message

at edu.dongthang.controller.AppDelegate$ClientThread.sendMessage(

pointer to the line

if (e.getMessage().equals("Network unreachable"))

on the method

public void sendMessage(String message) throws SocketException{
        try {
            buf = message.getBytes();
            if (buf != null) {
                DatagramPacket out = new DatagramPacket(buf, buf.length,
                        serverAddr, serverPort);
                network_reachable = true;

        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.e("ClientActivity", "Client Send Error:" + serverAddr + serverPort);
            if (e.getMessage().equals("Network unreachable")) {
                Log.e("ClientActivity", "Netork UNREACHABLE!!!!:");
                network_reachable = false;


I don't know why while i'm really have IP = and port = 5444. so, the message is "network unreachable"

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  1. According to the logs you posted, you have a NullPointerException - not a "network unreachable error". It looks like e.getMessage() is returning null (which is perfectly legal per the docs). You need to check that value and not try to call equals() on it when it's null.

  2. Judging by the / in your log message, your remote IP is malformed - there shouldn't be a forward slash there. Try removing it.

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