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I played with this for far too long, (a week now) and I need some help.

I created a Vagrant config with PuPHPet and it gives me a lot of errors. The simple thing what I'm trying is to run a 12.04 Ubuntu with Nginx, PHP and MySQL.

My problem comes when I add a custom script to the puphpet/files/exec-always, called provision.sh as the original documentation writes:

You can run your own custom code after the VM finishes provisioning by adding files to the puphpet/files/exec-always and puphpet/files/exec-once folders.

The following small script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

cd /project/app

# Run migrations
echo ">> Running migrations"
php ./yiic migrate --interactive=0

My config.yaml can be found here.

The whole output can be found here.

So I have a clean, PuPHPet generated file structure. What are these errors and why is my script not executed?

And one more thing: My MySQL user, doesn't get the ALL PRIVILEGES right, phpmyadmin only writes: USAGE. If someone could help with this also, would be more then nice ;)

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Hi. Did you find a solution to this in the end? I have the same issue at the moment. My scripts in exec-always never run –  Gortron Oct 31 '14 at 22:43
Hi @Gortron, sorry but I couldn't figure it out back then and we decided to drop Vagrant because of the lot of problems. Instead we created our own VM image that we copied. –  Edifice Nov 1 '14 at 23:22
Hi @Edifice. OK cool, thank you for getting back to me. –  Gortron Nov 2 '14 at 14:34
I am also unable to run any scripts. Well its running the scripts but there is something funky going on. It says it can't find some files in /etc that are there. –  Firze Feb 25 at 12:53

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