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I have a page set up with charset="utf-8". On the page, characters like æ, ø, and å works fine, but when putting the link into the facebook feed, the characters are invalid, displaying only as a ? on an black background.

Is this facebooks fault, or mine?

EDIT: here is an image: (see the ? in there)

enter image description here

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What does that mean exactly, "putting the link into the Facebook feed"? Be more detailed about what you're doing and how you're doing it. –  deceze Apr 1 at 18:21
@deceze ok, I've added an image. –  kjelelokk Apr 1 at 19:55
@kjelelokk is that content that shows part of the title, or part of the Facebook meta tags? Perhaps the body content is valid UTF-8, but the title is not? What does developers.facebook.com/tools/debug show? –  cbuckley Apr 1 at 20:08
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