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At the moment, I'm trying to call an existing UINavigationController's method from a scene. My storyboard looks like:


I need help understanding how to call the existing UINavigationController's custom method named showGameCenterMenu() from the scene. This is what I have so far:

UINavigationController *navRef = self.view.window.rootViewController.navigationController; [navController performSelector:@selector(showGameCenterMenu)];

I understand that my method call is probably incorrect, but any help would be appreciated understanding this and whether or not I'm breaking best practice by directly referencing this...

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If the navigation controller is the root view controller then you are navigating too far (so you probably get nil), you should have:

UINavigationController *navRef = (UINavigationController *)self.view.window.rootViewController;

(with a cast from UIViewController)

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Thank you very much, that worked. Can you explain how (UINavigationController *) worked there? I have seen it very often in my time programming, and have never had a proper introduction to how that process works or what it means.. Is it the same as like type-casting an integer to a float except with a pointer to a type of object? –  Billy Jean Apr 1 '14 at 18:24
Yes, exactly that, it is a typecast. It was a pointer to a UIViewController * and the cast makes it a UINavigationController * (which works because that is what the instance really is at runtime and it's a subclass) –  Wain Apr 1 '14 at 18:29

Cast the pointer you're getting to your custom navigation controller class and then call its method.

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With the help of the great guys in the comments I was able to find a suitable solution.. (NavigationViewController is my custom UINavigationController class);

NavigationViewController *navRef = (NavigationViewController *)self.view.window.rootViewController; [navRef showGameCenterMenu];

This allowed me to send a method call to my NavigationViewController which displays the Game Center Menu one Layer above the existing View Controller by presenting it with .topViewController appended. Thanks again guys :)

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